‘Serve a Cow’ Movement

Gaavo mamaagrath santu, Gaavo me santu prishthth |

Gaavo me hridye santu, Gavaam madhye vasaamyahm ||


“Lord Krishna Himself wishes: May cow remain in front of me.  May cow remain behind me. May Cow remain all around me And may I reside in the middle of cows”


Gavaam kanduyanm kuryaad Go graasm Gau pradakshinam |

Goshu nityam prasannaasum Gopaaloapi prasidati ||

                                                                                           (Gautamiya Tantra)

“Gently caressing a cow, feeding a cow, and by walking in full circle around a cow (Parikrama), makes a cow happy and when a cow is content, it pleases Krishna. The truth is that a Cow and Krishna are one and the same. The only difference is that Krishna in his form is difficult to see but Krishna in the form of cow can easily be seen.”


Have you ever seen GOD? 

And if not, then see HIM wandering around the streets eating trash or being sent to a slaughter house after giving us milk all its life in the dairies. Today, it is the duty of all devotees to come forward. This nation has given birth to inspirational philanthropists like Shivi, Rantidev, Mordhwaj, Shiva, Bhamashah, who gave away everything they had, body, mind, wealth and life. Their spirit for Seva can still be felt today.  But unfortunately, it is rarely turned into action. We have to start an activity, a movement, and by becoming active each one of us has to determine what and how we can serve, save, and please the cow.

Let us serve Indigenous Cow from Today !

'Serve a Cow’ Movement

  1. Join “Serve a Cow” Movement by contributing INR18,000 or $251USD annually to serve & save one cow.

  2. Inspire 10 other sevaks to the movement and ask each of them to inspire 10 others and so on.

  3. Essentially consider Cow as an extension of your family and hence give your blessings to and prayers for anyone who is selflessly serving and saving Gaumata.

You can Support us by clicking below given link.


Let us Unite together to make ‘Serve a Cow’ Movement, Our Movement, a success thereby truly serving the Indian culture, Nation and mother Cow.