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Vision: A Revolution Called upon


Maan Mandir Sewa Sansthan Trust has started Mata Ji Gaushala with a vision of bringing the glory and majesty of mother cow back to its original form as it used to be in Krishna' s time. By the grace of the Lord Almighty, the Mataji Gaushala Project is becoming a heavenly abode of rescued cow and enhancing by leaps & bounds every day. The Gaushala is not only taking care of sick, abandoned cows, but is also helping the environment, and striving to provide many resources to the surrounding community.


The project of Gau Sewa ( Service to Cow) and Gau raksha (Cow Protection), was founded by His Holiness Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaaj, a mystic and detached saint living in Maan Mandir, Barsana, and was about 13 years ago in 2007 under banner of ‘Shri Mataji Gaushala’ by adopting  Just 2 cows, which were gathered from the road side, In order to save cows from slaughtering, Shri Ramesh Baba Ji started the project with a vision to provide shelter to more than 1,00,000 cows in this Gaushala.


Why Mata ji Gaushala ?


“Prosperity looks for a place where cows walk fearlessly" .


Mother cow is so sacred that all demi gods choose to refuge in one or the other part of Its body. Krishna Himself worships and serves her. When Krishna was in braj, all the brajvasis used to keep, worship and serve the cows. Because of this service, streams of milk, yogurt, butter and butter milk (Chhachh) used to flow out of every home and everybody used to be prosperous.


Unfortunately, present situation quiet reverse and unpleasant then those times.  We have hardly left with that kind of great respect for cows anymore because of degrading cultural values; increasing materialistic approach to live, loss of respect towards our traditions and ethics, tradition and poor financial situation. Even Gaushala owners find it hard to run such institutions and finally end up with selling of non-milky and diseased cows. Since there is limited area for cows to graze, cows are not being fed adequately and hence it affects their milking efficiency. The cow owners are therefore forced to let them go for free or sell their cows to butchers for the skin. Essentially, a cow is being sold for 2,000 rupees to a butcher, who in return sells the cow’s skin for 10,000 rupees. The figures pertaining to slaughtering of cows are highly obnoxious and frightening.


Therefore, a need of such a movement was felt by which the lost glory of cows can be reestablished and a massive campaign of protection, preservation and parenting of cow wealth shall be effectively called upon. Hence, the Lord Inspired the Master and Our Master, His Holiness Padamshri Vibhushit Shri Ramesh Babaji Maharaj, directed His folks to establish such a noble outfit, where only Selfless & truly dedicated Sewa to Mother Cow shall be kept at supreme epitome. There He proclaimed following doctrines which led the basic foundation of the movement and thus came Shri Mataji Gaushala into existence on 7th July 2007.



Principles :  Our Working Science

  • “No cow shall be refused from shelter in this Gaushala;

  • Expectation of not a penny shall be supported by even most humble  worker of this Gaushla. Let the divinity run the Gaushala by Itself.

  • If the service is truly selfless and 'Bhav-yukt’ ( full of devotional spirit) then it will inevitably attract the ‘daivya drav’ ( Divine resources) required for Cow Service; ‘Gau Sewa’ is Krishna Sewa."


These are three main principles proclaimed by Puiya Shri Ramesh Baba Maharaj which led the foundation stone of this revolutionary effort.


Our whole life and working is essentially driven by aforesaid fundamental principles led by our Master. We will uncompromisingly & unflinchingly keep growing, saving and protecting the cow wealth, parenting deprived one and making the Gaushala a wonder place of astonishment for people to visit and explore the actual grandeur of heavenly being ‘Mother Cow’.


Why are we Unique?

  • The Only Gaushala which have 100% rescued cows in the Country

  • The Only Gaushala experimenting day & night to workout best possible ways to serve around 55000 cattle under one roof

  • We have never demanded donations until now to meet our day to day  expenses. We just try to aware people to step up and remember their obligation to serve their own glorious culture by whatever way they can.

  •  We are the only Gaushala which have hardly 2% of total cow as milky cow

  • We are the Only Gaushala which has never refused to take any number of rescued/sick cows coming to us.

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