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Maan Mandir : Center of Braj Development


Maan Mandir Sewa Sansthan Trust has now became a nerve center of environmental and geographical protection of the Braj area. The Organization under divine inspiration and guidance of His Holiness Ramesh Baba Maharaaj is consistently carrying out various projects for preservation, protection and restoration of ecological, topographical, historical and animal wealth of Braj. We have been struggling and working day and night for development of an Eco-friendly and ecologically enhanced topography for the terrestrial landscape. Each and every member of the organization is fully tossed in a deep consciousness of serving the humanity, culture and environment selflessly and the same realization has been inculcated in each and every individual by His Holiness Ramesh Babaji Maharaj, a saint who lives these ideals. May it be protection of hills, preservation of water bodies, revivification of river Yamuna, saving of cow wealth or afforestation and above all, life of purity and selfless service towards humanity & environment; all these important aspects are a part of lifestyle of every worker of the organization.


Activities in Maan Mandir at a Glance

  • A Cow Shelter home nurturing more than 55000 cows

  • Massive Plantation Campaign which has planted about 300000 plants so far.

  • Awareness programme in more than 20000 villages

  • Save Yamuna Campaign for revivification of River Yamuna since 2011

  • Free distribution of educational materials and CDs

  • Free education through Gurukul and Raseshawari Vidhyamandir School to more than1200 students

  • Free food distribution to more than 1500 people everyday and more than 25000people on various occasions

  • Restoration and renovation of more than 40 ancient water bodies, historical buildings& temples.

  • Free medicine distribution

  • Free residence facility for more than 1000 people.

  • Free 40 days cultural foot drive every year across the historical landscape, ‘Braj’ in which around 20000 participating people are being given free lodging, boarding, food and health facilities.

MAAN MANDIR, Gahvarvan, Barsana,
Distt.-Mathura,Pin:281405,U.P.INDIA ,
Tel: 91-9927338666, 91-9639005774, 91-9811101236


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Maan Mandir is a historical temple located at one of the highest hills in Barsana, Mathura (U.P). It is a well known ancient and religious site having a very old chronicledsignificance adheres to it. Therein, resides a disenchanted saint Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj who is affirm to save and serve Braj since past 68 years. It is under his divine guidance and spiritual vision that Maan Mandir Sewa Sansthan Trust is consistently carrying out various projects for preservation, protection and restoration of Braj.

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