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a glimps of services in hospital

Services at hospital
hospital inauguration
Yogi Adityanath
(cm, Utter pradesh, india)

Why A Dedicated Cow Hospital is required:


Due to ignorance, the present condition of cow breeding in India is very appalling. Seeing cows roaming in a state devoid of food and shelter on roads & open spaces is now a common view these days. They are either left by their owners who cannot afford their maintenance or are deprived off because of drastic change in our cultural values. It is quite evident that cattle wealth is dying daily in large numbers due to accidental injuries on roads or being smuggled to get slaughtered. Because of our insensitivity and hardheartedness, they are forced to find food in garbage dumps, swallow plastic which leads to them to suffer from some or other serious diseases. Whereas, technically mentioning, Cows are termed to be highly sacred in our culture; they not only beneficial for farmers but are also an integral part of the country's economic system. Hence, a need of a dedicated medical mechanism was significantly felt which led the foundation of building up an exclusive medical unit for cows.


Shri Mataji Gaushala which was established in July 2007 under divine leadership of Padmashri Param Pujya "Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj" to improve the deteriorating condition of this Indigenous breed of cattle and to protect & preserve cow wealth of Braj region, where now about 55000 cows are being taken care of, took a step forward to conceive a 100% Cow dedicated Hospital. The committed team here, under sacred instructions of His Holiness Shri Ramesh Baba Maharaaj, has put unwavering efforts to develop a huge modern Hospital and research center exclusively for Cow, with a vision to write a new chapter in the history of safeguarding and preserving ethnic Cow wealth of India.


“  Shri Shyam Lakshmi Gau Hospital and Research Center "


This hospital is unique in many ways and is the first cow hospital of its kind. Around 3000 cows can be treated at a time and advance machines of various medical usages have installed to give humanly medical facility to the suffering cattle. Facilities like 25 ambulances, 5 modern operation theater, ICU, hydro therapy etc. will be available for 24 hours.

The Institution will also under take research work on devising new methods of treating cows from serious diseases, formulation of new medicine and developing new technique related of AI & Embryo transfer.  "Shri Shyam Lakshmi Hospital and Research Center" which is run & managed by ‘Shri Mataji Gauvansh Sewa Trust’, a subsidiary of ‘ Shri Maan Mandir Sewa Sansthan Trust’ has been equipped with modern equipment and trained Veterinary Doctors & others medical staff who will be available round the clock for dedicated service towards this endangered breed of cattle.


Facilities available in the Hospital

  • Well-equipped Trauma Center, Rehabilitation Center,

  • Calf Operations and Management Department,

  • Surgeon Department

  • Department for Specific Medical Needs.

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