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BioGas Manure Plant

The output of Shri Mataji Gaushala Gobar Gas plant is an anaerobically digested gobar slurry which is further mixed with aerobic microbial culture for complete decomposition. The product is well composted desi cow manure.  

Due to various quality measures taken in composting we have seen terrific results on field trials in farms as well as kitchen and home garden.

At each step of manufacturing starting from drying in slurry bed, windrow processing and finale screening we take care of culture which makes soil health by being rich in organic carbon and other micro element also gives better and sustainable yield to end user these surpassing best of the specifications in this category

Characteristics of digested Gobar-slurry

  1. Being fully fermented, bio-slurry is odourless and does not attract flies.

  2. Bio-slurry repels termites and pests that are attracted to raw dung.

  3. Bio-slurry reduces weed growth. Application of bio-slurry has proved to reduce weed growth by up to 50%.

  4. Bio-slurry is an excellent soil conditioner, adds humus, and enhances the soil’s capacity to retain water.

  5. Bio-slurry is pathogen-free: - The fermentation of dung in the reactor kills organisms causing plant disease.

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