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Shri Mataji Gaushala 



Located in the vicinity of Barsana, Shri MataJi Gaushala is one among the largest gaushalas in the nation. It was established by Maan Mandir Sewa Sansthan Trust under the inspiration and guidance of the revered saint Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj on 7th July, 2007. Shri MataJi Gaushala is working constantly since 2007 to protect and establish the glory of Mother Cow. Started with a service of 5 cows, the gaushala is now nurturing more than 55000 cows like mother which were either neglected, sick, or saved from butchers and smugglers.

All the sadhus of Maan Mandir and local Brijwasi people are highly motivated by the selfless service and inspiration rendered by the revered saint Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj. Thus, they all are fully committed and working hard constantly to achieve the goals set by The Revered Saint.


  • Nurturing more than 55000 cows on 170 acre of land.

  • 58 Sheds for feeding cows having a combined built up area of 180000 cubic mts. 

  •  7 Fodder houses to store around 15000 tonnes of fodder 

  • Gobar Gas plant of Capacity 1350 cubic mts. which produces around 192 KW of electricity every day. 

  • Around 32 tractors, JCB and Loader Tractors for distribution of fodder and other essentials needs. 

  • Bull driven Chakki.

  •  Cow Dung logs and other Cow Dung Products Manufacturing Center.

  • Compost Manure plant.

  •  Around 500 workers to take care of and serve Cows. 

  • Dedicated Veterinary Dispensary and Care Center forinjured & Suffering Cows. 

  •  Water tank with a capacity of 20,00,000 Liters.

  •  Cow Dung & Urine based Products. 

  •  Hospital, Panchgavya & Ayurvedic Pharmacy. 

  •  A2 Milk Production And Breed Improvement of Indigenous Breed. 

  • Residence facility for workers working in the Gaushala 

  • Fully equipped Guest House with Free Prasadam. 

  •  Free Mess for all workers and visitors where daily about 700 people are being served with quality food. 

  • Truck Weighing Station 

  •  In-house Police camp for protection of Cows 

  • Grains Processing Plant having capacity of 50 tonnes per day

Gaushala: An Overview

History of shri mataji gaushala development


gaushala development

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