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Help serving cow

गावो विश्वस्य मातरः
सर्व देवमयी गावो


           Serving cow is serving the entire humanity. Since time immemorial Cow, more widely known as mother cow, has been the center of all kind of development in different sphere of lives. Roots of our economic growth have been remained mostly connected to cows. In Hinduism, right from Birth of a child till time of death, presence of cow can be felt. We consider Cow as an adobe of 33 crore Hindu Deities and hence Cow is considered as sacred in Hindu Dharma. Cow has been treated as auspicious and also a symbol of compassion and piousness. Cow is treated as the highest and most pious icon and is given the utmost importance, being at the apex in the Animal world. The belief is that one can attain salvation (Moksha) by worshipping the Cow and serving her and both Lord Krishna and Balram spearheaded the “Cow worship and preservation” culture. There is so much written in our ancient religious text about significance and sacredness of cow. May it our Four Vedas, 18 Puranas, Upanishads, Smriti, Shad Shahstra etc everywhere importance of cow has been illustrated in a very comprehensive way. 


                        At Mataji Gauashla we are trying to serve this symbol of greatness to whatever extent we can and we therefore continuously required support and assistance from people who are inclined to serve mother cow. You can be a part of our ‘Help Serving Cow’ programme by contributing in following ways:

  • Extend your support by sharing your knowledge, expertise and innovative ideas as how to serve mother cow better.​

  • Volunteer any Gau Sewa by joining us and residing here in the Gaushala. We need a team of dedicated volunteers who can relentlessly work with us for protection and preservation of this very vital breed.

  • You can be a part of our ‘Serve Cow Awareness’ Programme wherein you would be required to teach & inspire people to Serve indigenous cow and promote different Sewa progarmme run by the Gaushala.

  • You can opt any sewa and can support it financially.

If you want to get connected with us, please feel free in writing below about yourself and how would you like to be a part of ‘Help Serving Cow’ programme or this whole mission of saving and preserving our cow wealth.

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