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Our Mission

         Shri Mata ji Gaushala was established with a determined mind set to work ceaselessly, selflessly & devotedly for protection, preservation and enhancement of indigenous Cow breed of India. The fundamental idea is to create such an environment topographically, ecologically, socially & politically, so that cow inhabiting in the country shall breathe fearlessly and the lost glory & sacredness of mother cow can be restored. With a mission to protect atleast 1,00,000 cows, Mataji gaushala came into existence. But as we are moving on, the paradigm is getting broader. We now aim to take care of 5,00,000 cow in coming ten years keeping following objectives under consideration :


  • To protect cow wealth from sickness, starvation and slaughtering.

  • To perform service of cows by keeping them in the Gaushala and providing conducive environment for proper feeding medical facilities.

  • To ensure protection by keeping them in the Gaushala under own control and super vision and not to part any cow, calf, ox, bulls to any individual or any organization for any social or commercial benefit.

  • To work for Breed Improvement through AI and promote A2 milk among farmers.

  • To parent other smaller Gaushalas.

  • To take strategic steps towards a sustainable Model for Gaushala

  • To promote Cow Based Economy in surrounding areas.

  • To cremate the dead cows in proper manner with due love & respect

  • To make ayurvedic medicines with cow dung and cow urine thus spreading awareness about the same in society.

  • To establish a state-of-the-art & fully equipped collage for cow health care and thus to create a large team of trained cow healthcare workers.

  • To establish Cow Research Center so as to motivate farmers and society to serve the mother cow.

  • To protect the environment against degradation.

  • To aware people about productivity of Resource obtained from cow and thereby making the Gaushala self reliant .

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